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Robbie J. Mason

Ms. Robbie J. Mason

Robbie J. Mason is the founder of Networth Financial.

Robbie has been in the financial services industry for the past 20 years. She is licensed in Life and Health. Fresh out of college (she graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula) she was recruited by a Fortune 500 company, where she spent over 18 years climbing the ranks.

Her decision to start this company was a reaction to personal experience. She was at the “top of her career ladder” when the 2001 financial crisis happened. Her 401K was plummeting and the company she worked for was being sold. Being a “take-control” type of person, she knew she could help herself out of the financial crisis she was in.  She’s been in the same position as a lot of her clients and does what she can to help them by providing safer, smarter choices.

Networth Financial cares about our clients. They’re like family to us and we treat them with kindness and respect. We take time to listen to their concerns and comfort them in their time of need. We are here when you need us the most. At Networth Financial, we believe in the “new normal” it’s not what you earn, but what you keep. You have to embrace change, and stop losing money with old investment philosophies. Losing money should never be ignored or accepted as normal, as there are other options!

Robbie Mason is a dedicated, compassionate, knowledgeable professional who always puts the needs of clients first. When not assisting clients, however, her passion is art. She has an art studio and spends a lot of time sculpting and building things. Robbie does volunteer work with the Montana Natural History Center, the Clay Studio of Missoula, and the Butterfly Building.

She also enjoys spending time with her 4 grandkids, Kennedy, Eli, Norah, and Emma. Robbie is married to her husband of 17 years, Rob Reesman. She has 2 Australian Sheppard puppies, Emm and Ocho, who she takes with her to work every day.

Amy Bergeson

Amy Bergeson is a licensed Life and Health Insurance agent who runs Networth Financial alongside Robbie. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno. Amy prides herself on keeping clients’ hard-earned money safe and secure. She appreciates that she gets to help people protect the money they’ve worked hard to save every day.

Amy is a great listener. She’s here to listen to each client’s individual situation and needs and educate them on the options she believes are best suited to them, never a “one-size-fits-all” approach. She’s easygoing, caring and motherly. When not assisting clients, she enjoys simply relaxing, drinking coffee, driving backroads, and hanging out with her family. Amy is married to Steve, her husband of 8 years, and has three kids: Kennedy, Norah, and Eli. She also has a pet Golden Retriever named Leo.

Vicki McDonald

Vicki McDonald is a licensed Life and Health Insurance agent with Networth Financial.  She has the distinct pleasure of having been in the financial industry for the past 33years. Currently Vicki heads the transfer department at Networth Financial.  Vicki tracks and follows the safe transfer of every dollar that flows  from one account to another.   Often the process requires tenacity, gumshoe investigation followed by old fashion hard work. Vicki is no stranger to this, having been a team member for the last 11 years. She has helped hundreds of clients.  Vicki participates in weekly  correspondence with all the clients she helps, knowing this is not an over night transaction, Vicki feels the more a person knows about the transfer process the better they feel about their safer smarter money choices. 

Vicki lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband Jim of 48 years, 2 children and their spouses, 4 grandchildren, and a cat Pixy Lou. Vicki is an avid Griz fan and enjoys spending her spare time adventuring with family and friends

Jennifer Curry

Jenn Curry is our Administrative Assistant at Networth Financial. She’s in charge of answering phones, greeting clients, prepping files, and scheduling meetings and annual reviews. She’s worked in both the field of administration and in the insurance industry before. However, she considers Networth Financial to be different from anywhere else she’s worked. Networth Financial cares about their clients as well as their employees, and shows that whenever they can.

Jenn is a caring person. She loves spending time with family and friends. When not doing that, she loves the outdoors, and going to concerts. She lives in Missoula with 3 kids (and a 4th on the way) and a pet Corgi named Bailey.

Sherry Wehrman

Sherry Wehrman is a licensed Medicare Insurance agent. She’s here to help with any Medicare insurance questions you may have. She aims to help others understand the topic with ease, and doing this is what she’s passionate about.

Sherry has over 35 years of experience in the medical field, and it shows. When not helping clients, she primarily enjoys simply spending time with friends and family. She’s friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. Reach out to us to get in contact with her.

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